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If you're starting out, you can begin by paying attention to your eating habits and then try to increase your already natural fasting as you start to feel more comfortable. Or maybe, a full-day or two-day fast once a week makes more sense for your lifestyle. There's also a 36 hour fast which goes from dinner to breakfast and skips one day.

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Whichever you choose, the point is to make fasting a part of your lifestyle. Natural systems have cycles of growth and decay which intrinsically call forth the other. Growth leads to weakness and ultimately decay. Decay then destroys the parts of the system that aren't necessary in sustaining it.

With a lighter load to carry and recycled resources, the system can continue growing. Eating and fasting are those two sides of the same coin.

System 1 and System 2

Eating without fasting leads to weakness and decay. By conciously choosing the times when we clean our systems ie. Other forms of sugar like fructose, lactose and dextrose get turned into glycogen and stored in the liver. Overflowing your liver's storage capabilities through chronic overeating is what leads to diabetes.

Sun, Storms And Tropical System #2 (UPDATED)

Stay up to date! Wait a minimum of 16 hours after your last meal to eat again. Also, assuming you're eating 3 meals a day, your stomach is used to receiving new food when it's empty but it can be trained. Stress - stress makes us hungrier. Our body feels like it will need more energy in the coming fight or flight scenario.

Type of Food - Sugars and simple carbohydrates ie.

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Note - While fruits have sugars, their high content of fiber makes them digest slower than processed sugars. Food Layering - Ever wondered why restaurants usually start you with a salad and finish with a desert?

This is a tradition, handed down through generations. The salad fiber actually slows down digestion of the carbohydrates and sugars that are to come in the following dishes, thus keeping you full longer. Thinking of Food - It's not a crime to enjoy eating, I sure do!

The Enterprise Building the System Is a System, Too

But just because you're thinking of food doesn't mean your body actually needs it. Your brain is in charge and learning to control those urges can do wonders for your hunger. Hunger comes in waves While all these play a factor in hunger, it's worth noting that hunger, above all, comes in waves. What is fasting? Put simply: Eating raises insulin, makes waste and produces fat Fasting lowers insulin, detoxifies and burns fat Benefits of Fasting Now that we know how it all works, why should we do it? Some of the main ones are listed below: Restore Insulin Sensitivity - Because you allow your insulin levels to finally drop for a substantial amount of time, fasting, especially regular fasting, allows your cells to start to respond to insulin again.

Think of it like that child crying on the plane, at first it's loud but as the minutes turn into hours, the noise fades into the background maybe with the help of your headphones. It also allows your liver to release it's store of glycogen which detoxifies and cleanses it. Since you finally are allowing your insulin levels to drop, you unlock the growth potentials of HGH. This allows you to burn fat and gain muscle almost naturally. Weight Loss and Detoxification - As your body depletes its food stores and glycogen stores, you start to burn into your fat stores.

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There's no need to install it on the system. · Issue #2 · MerosCrypto/mc_bls · GitHub

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