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What's most important is to follow company policy and guidelines when there is a set protocol for calling out sick. Not following those guidelines could be grounds for dismissal. So know what you need to do and, regardless of the reason you won't be in, handle it professionally.

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Choose the right method for contacting your boss. Call as soon as possible. Let your boss know about your illness as soon as possible. Otherwise, tell your boss first thing in the morning. Keep it brief. No one wants to hear the specifics of your flu or stomach virus. Keep your message short and to the point. Let your team know. Consider sending another message to your department or team letting them know that you will be absent. This is especially important if you are working on a team project or have a deadline coming up.

Make sure they know you will not be available that day. Explain your availability.

Book Review: the reasons I won’t be coming by Elliot Perlman - Late Last Night Books

Let your employer and perhaps your team members know if you will be able to respond to email or do any other work while you are home sick. If you are too sick to check your email, say so. Mention any important information. Follow up.

50 reasons why I’m not coming into your shop (or doing business with you)

Make sure you know whether your company requires you to complete any sort of follow-up documentation. However, not all employers offer these.

For example, many retail and other hourly jobs do not offer personal days. In that case, one option is to call in sick. However, there are a few more things you will want to keep in mind. Think about your timing. It is easier to convince your boss you are really sick when you pick a random workday. However, if you pick a Monday or Friday or a day right before or after a holiday , your boss might be suspicious that you are simply trying to extend your weekend.

Avoid a phone call.

Unless you are confident you can lie to your boss over the phone, you might want to avoid a direct conversation with him or her. Instead, send an email or text whatever is preferable to your employer. And then blame the weather. Such denial does not bode well for the future of shops. Of course, it isn't only retailers that display a lack of people skills. As a nation, our inability to service customers is legendary.

Just ask British Gas. So here, to try to help, are 50 reasons why I won't come into your shop - or do business with your business:. A non-sequitur with that? This was something at which Superdrug and WH Smiths excelled. But naming only two stores is slightly unfair because a lot more are at it. You're at the till buying shampoo or a pen and the poor guy scanning the bar codes has been ordered by management to ask if you would like stamps with your Aloa vera or a bar of chocolate with your Bic.

Let's kill all the lawyers

There is no correlation between what you're buying and what they're trying to force on you - unless you intend to post your toiletries or draft a note on a sweet wrapper. The game might be funny were there not a potential link between such behaviour and the state of the business. Woolworths used to practise this idiotic sales technique. And look what happened to Woolworths. Over-the-top security Why anyone would choose to shop in a store that models itself on a maximum security prison with uniformed door security is baffling.

They say they are protecting their stock. I say stay away unless being considered a criminal is acceptable. Shops that don't put prices in the window Another clever trick to keep customers away from the till before they even step in inside is to tease us with nice looking things in the window - without putting the prices on them.

Unless your clientele have unlimited trust fund income or are drowning in bonuses from the investment arm of RBS, no prices says 'very expensive' and should mean no custom.

Book Review: the reasons I won’t be coming by Elliot Perlman

Chatty staff — but not to you, to each other If you haven't experienced the shop where staff are more interested in talking to each than addressing the potential purchaser of the things most likely to keep them in a job, well done, you're probably already boycotting them. Are retail chains now so badly run that customers are a mere inconvenience?

Beware the cling-ons Conversely, a visit to the shop where the guy is so desperate for a sale he clings to you like a celebrity groupie stalker is never pleasant - unless you're equally lonely and crave such attention. Basic respect and politeness will do just fine thank you, clingy man. The shoe shops with stock rooms bigger than a Tardis Have you ever been in a shoe shop where the assistant disappears for half an hour to see if they have the shoe in your size only to return empty handed?

And so you repeat the process two or three times before realising that the room at the back isn't really bigger than Africa but they're nipping outside for a crafty…[fill in as appropriate]. I have. Not any more. Yawn of the dead We have several zoos to visit in Britain if we want to see animals yawn in our faces. We don't expect to see it in the stationers. Tip: maybe you wouldn't get so tired if you bothered to engage with the customers. Rudeness While we pay good money to see stand up comedians insult people in the audience because it's funny and we expect it, we don't pay for this kind of treatment in a shop.

But incredibly it happens all the time. Keep the funny comments to yourselves. And if the rudeness is not because you're trying to be funny, but because you're trying to be rude, wow, get another job will you. Childish late-night opening policies Can anyone recall the last time you heard: 'Gorr blimey, mate, I had a late one last night. Didn't get to bed till seven. In the evening. In what peculiar parallel universe can closing the doors of a shop at 7pm once a week on a Thursday be considered late-night opening?

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CBBC finishes at 7pm for heaven's sake! It's yet another reason supermarkets are able to walk off with all the prizes — as well as the soul of our High Streets. Loyalty schemes Before being reincarnated, Bruce Forsyth hosted a gambling-based TV show in which he would ask the audience: 'What do points mean!!!? You only get the rewards if you spend loads of money. Remember: the house always wins. Stale bread Supermarkets that sell off perishable items at the end of the day aren't really doing you a favour, they're merely trying to offload off stuff rather than feed it to the local landfill.

Chances are the 10p loaves have seen better days and you're being palmed off with a false bargain. Not really a reason to avoid the store altogether but remember, sometimes it's worth paying the going rate for a decent meal. A punny old world We've all seen them, and they're usually fish and chip shops or hairdressers. Nice Plaice, Cut Above and so on. The estate agent-ification of shops Bicycle shops are particularly adept at this. You go in and ask what they have under a hundred pounds only to be told there is nothing in the area below three thousand apart from a rusty old tricycle without a saddle that used to be owned by the council.

They then laugh in your face, pick up the phone, talk faux jargon and wave you out of the shop. Be exclusive if you want to but be polite. One day we may need a five-grand bike. Receipt deceit? Has anyone else noticed the growing reluctance by shop people to hand over receipts unless you ask? This used to happen to me at the wine store Threshers. And Threshers went bust. Three for two Threshers also used to mark up the price of individual bottles of wine to con you into buying three bottles, which would then earn a discount. It meant if you wanted one bottle of wine you were ripped off.

So how did they react? By issuing discount vouchers online in the hope that they would be picked up and go viral, which they did. Store cards Frankly, store cards should be outlawed. And any store that tries to foist them on customers at the till should be closed down. It's revolting. Shops that don't take cards Hello shop people.