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Ramtha: The White Book.

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Seller Inventory GI5N Published by Macro Edizioni July You reasoned it out to go ahead with publishing the White Book. Is that because you thought you could do damage control further down the line? Steve: That was, that was the predominant element. The harm is being done to the people that go to the school, but it's also being done to an awful lot of, the teachings that are out there in her audio tapes and CDs which is a whole bunch of crap. If you could throw everything away, and keep two or three real good books you can, which is, The White Book is a presentation of the perennial philosophy, the perennial Wisdom, caste with a certain mythology around it, but I tried to keep it pure.

David: So do you think the Ramtha in the White Book existed at that time? Steve: Pardon? Did that Ramtha exist, that you wrote about, that the White Book depicts? David: Only 6 months? Steve: He sounds familiar, yeah? Steve: Many people know it's a fraud David: Many people?! They were enjoying it, they were ya know they had free will? One, I was protecting my obligation to the people that gave me the money to do this, that I owed, and that was a terrible conflict for me and so it was always to figure out, ya know?

Ramtha - The White Book (3rd ed.)

David: You were trapped.. David: Ok ok, another question, did those people that helped you , did all the work on the White Book, did they get paid eventually for their labors? Steve: Oh yeah, everyone that worked. David: Ok Steve: but they didn't get paid appropriately, um, some did, but there were key people that in that White Book was amazing? I brought together an amazing talent of people, um and, that JZ is continually profiting by someone's silly Ideal like Steve Weinberg who managed to pull together some very talented people who who helped her to be successful, and they just walk away with crumbs and she goes onto ya know, her success is built on the shoulders of a lot of people, and a lot of people who she used Ramtha to suck money out of, get to do things, you know she just manipulated.

David: I may have asked you this before but I'm gonna ask you again, Do you think there really was a being 35, years ago? Do you think there ever was a Ramtha? Steve: No.. Never criticized her; defended her, so the two personalities really had to be one. David: So before we wrap up, is there anything I can do for you from my end, anything I can do to help you with what you? Steve: I want to get to the point I'm secure to know that people will take advantage of what I have to help people deal and cope and see?.

I want to create the greatest good out of this, I want to turn lemons into lemonade but mostly me, I I want to make sure that I didn't waste the ya know, valuable information and the power position that I have, that's what I'm staying alive for, and ya know, I find it ironic' I've written you three emails and I wanted to send you just the dribbles of it, the fragments of it I never did complete. David: You know, you spoke about a redemption of sorts before, that something good can come from all this.

I really appreciated that cause I felt that the dreams that we held, what brought us into this in the first place, they can be opened up, there really is something good that come from all this, that's really important to me especially. Steve: Everybody who went with 'RSERamtha' cannot forget the courage that it took to go into the fringe, the heart, that the 12 disciples had, just because we had the dream for ourselves and the world that has to survive, lets hang on to that and keep that alive we can turn this into a positive thing, more positive than it was ever going to be.

Steven Weinberg. But he has nothing on at all, cried at last the whole people Steven Weinberg of Sovereignty, Inc. Copyright This is clearly stated on the first page: Sovereignty, Inc. All rights reserved.

No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without prior written consent of the Publisher, Sovereignty, Inc. Contributor J. Knight Edition: revised Weinberg, Ph. It states, "for more information on Ramtha's teachings, write or call: Sovereignty Publishers, Post Office Box , Bellevue, Washington, , I haven't read the older version of the "White Book," now resting in my lap, although I am quite curious as to what the differences are in teachings presented in both!

So do I have the original version, right here? And whatever happened to "Sovereignty Publishers," who held the original copyright? Curiouser and curiouser It was in the form of a trade size, 11x8 in. Much of it would have been and was gibberish to outsiders in that "original" state. Most channelers I met back in the s and 80s used similar filler words. We hear these in common speech eg "like", "you-know", "umm", "uh", etc. Channelers, early in their caeers, find that these filler words or sounds allow just enough time for the psyche to find more words to say. Channeling is like radio timedead air can lose an audience or show a disconnect with the "source" thus making sounds of any kind give the illusion of connection and "flow" or stream of consciousness or an "open channel.

I have not compared them myself, but I would be interested to know how she got the rights back to the white book if Weinberg is so set on destroying the thing he created. If this ever came to court I would expect a judge to do a lot of this:. Love yourself was the 8 by 11 one you spoke of. It has a glossy cover of a picture with trees and the sun. Weinberg published the first version of the White Book and JZ re-published it around with some addendums.

My memory may be flawed [and is] but I recall exit counseling someone around from Ramtha and she had these books. There were parallels in content. If so, I'd like to know who and how. So far, I am not aware that such has occurred.

The lawsuit by Urantia Foundation includes mention of a similar suit brought by the family of the author of Dweller on Two Planets by 'Phylos the Thibetan'. This principle, the distinction between revelations as factsand the expression of these revelations, was recognized in a copyright infringement case that involved similar claimsof divine authorship.

Oliver v. Saint Germain Foundation, 41F. In Oliver, as here, the plain-tiff's religious text proclaimed that the facts contained in thetext had come straight from a spirit, and that the spirit was theauthor of the history in the text. In that case, how-ever, the plaintiff unsuccessfully claimed copyright protec-tion in the divine revelations themselves, and in the methodsof spiritual communication, rather than in the plaintiff's spe-cific selection or arrangement of these divine revelations.

Thedefendant in Oliver had not copied that arrangement andselection, but simply had written another text using the samedivine "facts. The court in Oliver made it clearthat, had the claim been that the selection and arrangement ofthe divine revelations had been infringed, the plaintiff's copy-right infringement claim might have had merit.