Parity and Prestige in English Secondary Education: A Study in Educational Sociology

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Multidisciplinary study of intergroup relations, with emphasis on historical, sociological, and social psychological issues in the study of American minority groups. SOC Drugs and Society 3 s.

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How people use drugs for recreation, performance enhancement, and medical treatment; implications for drug control, treatment, and public policy. Interdisciplinary service-learning course; Mexican culture and history through community-based service project, assigned readings, and discussion; includes a required spring break trip to Mexico. Same as CLAS The socially constructed nature of mental illness; theoretical perspectives and research on social antecedents and social consequences of mental health.

SOC Medical Sociology 3 s. SOC Public Opinion 3 s. Role in making public policy; formation, change of political attitudes and opinions; political ideology; measurement of public opinion; how opinion polls are conducted; experience with interviewing and conducting public opinion research. Same as POLI Approaches to the sociological study of economic and noneconomic organizations; the role of power and authority within the organization, and between the organization and its environment.

Overview of sociology of education; historical and current sociological perspectives on education; race, class, and gender inequality in schooling; higher education; contemporary debates in education e. Exploration of when, why, how, and with whom Americans bear children; comparison to other developed and developing countries in the world; infertility and its treatments; ethics of surrogacy; voluntary childlessness; rapid rise of nonmarital childbearing in the U.

SOC Economy and Society 3 s.


Economic debates that faced advanced market economies in the 20th century with extensions to the developing world; development and maintenance of investment elites and labor markets, development and extension of state activity. Introduction to the basic properties of network structure e. The availability of big data transforms the way we solve difficult social problems; programming and analytical skills to analyze data from social media and open-access administrative data sources; basic principles and skills in data science including how to collect, clean, curate, and manipulate data, simple statistics, and computational methods; emphasis on linking big data to real world social problems and social science insights; students learn problem-solving skills and a data-driven approach to contemporary social problems.

SOC Sociology of Religion 3 s. Introduction to the study of religion from a sociological perspective; religions exist in social contexts, are shaped by contexts in which they are embedded, and then often change those social contexts; to understand the relation between religions and other social systems, we must examine the sociological as well as the historical, anthropological, social psychological, and political impacts; students will study religious organizations critically and objectively, exploring and debating classical sociological theories pertaining to religions, as well as contemporary theories that predict religious behavior; social scientific perspective will be presented.

Internal processes governing small groups e. Techniques, proven by research, that enhance students' ability to know, work with, and lead people; recent research in social psychology, how it applies to practical leadership problems.

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How self-improvement as a cultural goal shaped development of political, business, educational, and religious institutions in the United States; history of self-improvement movement and industry; selected readings that show how much self-improvement is possible and which techniques are more useful than others.

Social unrest; crowd behavior; social movements treated as a form of social change. Students engage in a sociological research activity that is not related to an honors project, conducted under the supervision of or in collaboration with a faculty member. SOC Sociology of Sexuality 3 s. Sociological perspectives on sexuality, including theoretical and conceptual developments, empirical regularities, and social implications; sexual expression in the United States. Varied topics in family structures and practices; social institutions and forces that shape or are shaped by families.

Varied topics in macro- and micro-level processes affecting ability to understand and manage organizations, including the groups and individuals that compose them. SOC Graduation Portfolio 0 s. Submission of final graduation portfolio first assembled in capstone course required for sociology major.

Corequisites: SOC Senior project illustrating student's accomplishments during the undergraduate career; prepared in collaboration with sociology faculty member or other experts in the student's area of sociological interest; record for student's own reflection, information for potential employers and graduate programs.

Requirements: major g. Student volunteer work with social services organizations. Requirements: sociology major or minor, and junior standing. SOC Teaching Internship 3 s. Experience providing supervised support for instructors teaching basic courses in sociology. Requirements: appointment as sociology undergraduate teaching aide. SOC Honors Seminar 1 s. Topic development for senior honors projects.

Offered spring semesters. Requirements: sociology honors standing. SOC Honors Research arr. Ideas of major 19th- and 20th-century social thinkers e. SOC Sociology of Education 3 s. Cambridge University Press.

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Kumari, A. A study of growth of secondary education in Delhi. InternationalJournal of Social Science Research, 3 1 , Majumdar, M. The shadow school system and new class divisions in India. Makworo, G.

How can teachers teach effectively without extra tuition? Unpublished term paper, Kenyatta University. Mohanty, T. Nafula, N. Achieving a sustainable universal primary Education through debt. Unpublished PHD. Nanda, P. Live mint e- paper, Rani, G.

Professor Olive Banks (1923-2006)

Sancho, D. Snehi, N. Journal of Indian Education, Vol. Althought British education and British society is the starting point of the analysis, comparative data with American research have been introduced throughout. She concludes by stating that "the educational system is itself a part of the society which is changing" p and makes a call for further research. Knowing the early history of the sociology of education helps teachers, educational anthropologists and sociologists to focus more clearly on contemporary research into current schooling practices and educational alternatives.

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