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Write Like Mozart: An Introduction to Classical Music Composition

Holly Day. In this Want to turn that haunting tune in your head into an awesome sound in your ear? In this fun and practical guide, you'll learn how to match keys and chords to the mood you want to convey, work a form without limiting your creativity, and hammer out a musical idea, even when your mind is drawing a blank.

You'll find out how to create popular songs, classically structured pieces, and even film, TV, and video game soundtracks. And, you'll learn what you need to know about music composition software, including Finale, Sebelius, Pro Tools, and more. Discover how to: Preserve and organize your musical ideas Work with established chord progressions or create your own Develop great rhythms Select the right instruments Find melodies in your head, your instrument, and the world around you Use major and minor scales Work with modes and moods Build melodic motifs and phrases Use the circle of fifths to harmonize Write for multiple voices Make a demo recording Filled with creative exercises to build your composing skills, Music Composition for Dummies is the resource you need to get that melody out of your head and into the world.

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Sort order. Jul 08, James Taylor rated it liked it Shelves: own.


I'm not really the appropriate audience for this book since I can't play an instrument and the book does list being able to read music as a prerequisite. However, I would imagine that someone with a better knowledge of music theory may still find this book simply okay.

How to Compose Music - Art of Composing - Learn to Create Music

It has information on chord progressions and scales which would be useful, but then has a lot of descriptions on topics that would be interesting rather than helpful, such as different genres and famous composers etc. I felt there was a large emphasis on what to bear in mind when writing classical music, rather than any other genre. Jul 13, Naji Tawk rated it it was amazing Shelves: apollo.

This inspirational volume helped me exorcize a lot of pseudo-musician teachers' thoughts out of my head. For fewest are born absolute pitch.

A Quick Introduction to Music Composition

The rest are somewhere in between. Surprisingly, you don't have to have an absolute pitch in order to compose, yet many times it's been the opposite round. Very informative, conveyed with plain clarity yet with so much eloquence. Dec 06, Daniel rated it really liked it. I liked the section of the book that talked about ten composers I should know.

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Learning about certain composing techniques such as front phrasing and back phrasing was interesting. Dec 22, Rudy Hykl rated it it was ok. A simple yet comprehensive overview of all things music related for idiots with dreams of composition! I skimmed through a lot of the sections on inspiration and creativity, yet the there are some novel ideas about effort curves thinking about music in variables fluidity, weight, length, volume and making melodies based on horizons and walking of cats The main strength of the book is its ability to outline broad areas of music in a simple and concise way.

Relating to musical forms you are sh A simple yet comprehensive overview of all things music related for idiots with dreams of composition! Relating to musical forms you are shown the sonata, rondo, symphony with four movements allegro, adagio, minuet, rondo or sonata, blues and there is a brief history of musical movements with a focus on 20th century minimalism,jazz, and even Tenacious D gets a mention.

The section on harmony and chords is also basic, in a good way, subdividing all types of chords into minor, Major, seventh, ninth, augmented, and diminished, subject to inversions and given with tips on chord progressions.

The part on cadences also works, with four main types being shown - the authentic cadence of moving from the fifth to the tonic, the plagal cadence of moving from the fourth to the tonic, the deceptive cadence of moving from the V to the VI or V to vi or v to VI or v to vi!! For melody, there are some practical tips on counterpoint don't cross ranges, don't use more than 3 voices at the same time, make use of unisons and octaves, the contrasting melodies should not be exactly the same and you are told the "Bachian" origins of the technique related to the fugue in the s.

Overall I would recommend this book to anyone wanting to get a practical mental framework about music. However, expect to visit other literature if you want to want to learn music theory, notation, and composition at a deeper yet pragmatic level ie. Jul 29, Dimitris rated it really liked it. Extremely helpful, this book provides insight as well as tips on certain parts of music composition that are essential to the aspiring composer, namely the basic know-how's and where-to's that I, for instance, pretty much ignored.

This is a good introduction and its effect is very much augmented if one would combine this with basic music theory knowledge. In fact, I suppose that this book is, precisely as the author points out, meant to be read after some basic theory reading. Having done that, Extremely helpful, this book provides insight as well as tips on certain parts of music composition that are essential to the aspiring composer, namely the basic know-how's and where-to's that I, for instance, pretty much ignored.

Having done that, I find it a nice interesting read with the necessary humor to break the ice once in a while and look forward to more in the area of composition. Also, some lists and guides may be useful after reading if not pretty much meant as references during the composing process Recommended! How quickly can you read this book? Enter your reading speed here: Estimate To find your reading speed you can take one of our WPM tests. Author Michael Pilhofer.

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  • Word Count 84, words Guess based on page count. Music Theory — discover the birth of music theory, understand how theory can help your music, and get to know time signatures, rests, and beats Meet the staff, clefs, and notes — put notes together, master the major and minor scales, and grasp key signatures and the circle of fifths Go the distance — find out about intervals the distance between pitches , chord building, and chord progressions Find your groove — get acquainted with musical expression through tempo and dynamics and delve into instrument tone color and acoustics The building blocks of music — tap into classical and popular genres to wrap your mind around rhythm, melody, harmony, and strong form Open the book and find: The fundamentals of music theory Ways to manipulate and combine notes Why music theory can help your music How to establish rhythm and shape a melody The keys to reading a musical score A handy chord chart Ten music theorists you should know about Access to audio tracks online to aid your comprehension.