Human Insecurity in East Asia

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Woven from experience and observations of life at various sites in Southeast Asia, the contributions in this volume give an internal and critical perspective to a complex and manifold issue.


They draw attention to a variety of the less-than-obvious threats to human security and show how perplexing those threats can be. All of which underscores the significance of multidisciplinary approaches in rethinking and responding to the complex array of conditioning factors and interests underlying human insecurities in Southeast Asia. ReLocating Human Insecurities.

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Safe Migration in Southeast Asia. Conflict and Peacemaking in Muslim Mindanao. A Case from Thailand.

The Mindanao Experience. He has active research interests in the fields of post-authoritarian politics, human security and localised responses to militant extremism with a particular focus on Indonesia alongside Southeast Asia and the MENA region more generally. Victor T. They included the human rights of migrant workers and the pursuit of a humane society that is free of national boundaries, the implementation of comprehensive human security that focuses on people at a regional level, and an analysis of the relation between Sustainable Development Goals SDGs and human security.

Human Insecurities in Southeast Asia

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Human Trafficking in Southeast Asia: Left For Dead (Part 2)

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National Security, Statecentricity, and Governance in East Asia | Brendan Howe | Palgrave Macmillan

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