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What use cases have you found for spectrum analyzers in your organization?

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Introduction to Spectrum Analysis eLearning Course

What use cases have you found for spectrum analyzers in your organization? Powered by:. Search Unified Communications Gartner video conferencing Magic Quadrant highlights remote work Video meetings are increasingly important as the workforce grows more distributed and joins meetings from personal devices, Search Mobile Computing New iPhone 11 features focus on consumers, not enterprises Apple's new line of iPhones made headlines for better battery life and cameras, but it's the improved security features that will Dangers of biometric authentication for mobile devices Biometric authentication for mobile devices is touted for simplicity and security, but IT should be wary of particular biometric Correlation between the Time and Frequency Domains Electrical signals can be represented and observed in both the time domain and the frequency domain see Fig.

These two methods of representation are linked together via the Fourier transform, which means that a characteristic frequency spectrum for every signal can be represented in the time domain. Initially focusing on RF engineering and RF applications in test and measurement, radiocommunications and broadcasting, the company has continually expanded its fields of activity over the past decades.

Its primary purpose was to provide me with ready access to commonly needed formulas and reference material while performing my work as an RF system and circuit design engineer. Read more about our software philosophies here. This is the second post in a multi-part blog series , teaching you the essential concepts of spectrum analysis. A measurement on a spectrum analyzer SA is taken by configuring, often through software, several key measurement parameters.

How To Configure Spectrum Analyzer Measurement

Many spectrum analyzers have a default setting, along with adjustable center frequency, bandwidth, and power levels. However, not all signals can be easily deciphered with the default SA settings. In these circumstances, adjusting the measurement parameters may reveal more significant signal details. Other tools provided by the SA software, such as markers, triggers, traces, and modulation tools, enable sophisticated features that remove human error and perception issues from tracking and recording vital signal information. The first step in configuring a SA measurement, is to decide the range of frequencies of interest.

This generally depends upon the signals from the device under test DUT , or the range of spectrum that is being monitored. The measurement bandwidth, or range of frequencies from the start to the stop setting, can be any range within the operating frequency range of the SA.

If the measurement bandwidth is beyond the instantaneous bandwidth of the SA, then there will be a delay in updating the signal information, as the instrument sweeps across the larger measurement bandwidth range. The measurement bandwidth can be configured by specifying a start and stop frequency, or the center frequency and span. Depending upon the complexity and resolution needed to detect the signals and frequencies of interest, the RBW can be adjusted to illuminate the details of the signal powers at more distinct tones.

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Lower RBWs provide more detailed sweeps with a lower noise floor, at the cost of a slower sweep speed, while larger RBWs provide faster and less detailed sweeps. Reducing the VBW acts as a low pass filter, smoothing the amplitude variations of both the signal and the noise floor. The degree of smoothing is a ratio of the video to resolution bandwidth. RBW and VBW settings are especially important when measuring low level continuous wave CW signals in the presence of a large signal, such as spurs from a phased locked loop PLL or intermodulation products.

By decreasing RBW to put the noise floor—at least 10 dB below the signal of interest—and then decreasing VBW to smooth out the remaining noise, these signals are easily measured. Depending upon the power level of a signal, signal strength can influence many internal settings of a SA.

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These settings include the intermediate frequency IF gain, the RF attenuator level, the RF gain, and power level of the display. This setting can be increased to measure high power RF signals and improve linearity, or decreased, to improve sensitivity to low level signals.