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Shelves: childrens. Blyton's Running out of Mysteries 23 August Well, there goes my goal of reading all of the Secret Seven books in order. I realised that I haven't read one for a while so I decided to grab this one, in case I finished my other book while I was on holidays I didn't , and when I finished my last book I clicked on the 'reading now' tab on Goodreads and suddenly realised that this was the last one — I still have another three to read before I get to this one. So, I sat at the table in the coffee Blyton's Running out of Mysteries 23 August Well, there goes my goal of reading all of the Secret Seven books in order.

So, I sat at the table in the coffee shop bemused for a little while and trying to actually work out if I had made a mistake — I had and then decided to stuff it and read it anyway — it's not as if you have to read them in strict order. Fortunately I'm getting to the end of my Enid Blyton collection and will probably not try to get my hands on any more of them because once I finish off the rest of the Famous Five and Secret Sevens there aren't really any more books of hers that I really want to read so I guess that this one being a disappointment isn't really a big thing.

Except there wasn't any mystery in this book. Okay, there were some horse thieves, but all that happened was that Janet heard a noise, ran to her parents, and then sat back with Peter and watched the ensuring melee. Actually, with the exception of Peter and Janet and Scamper, but he actually isn't a member of the Secret Seven the rest of the gang only made token appearances, and Susie only gets a mention.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised because having written so many children's books Blyton was probably getting ready to call it a day. There is a story here though — basically a nice old man named Tolley is working on a farm with this horse named Brownie. However the owner of the farm is a pretty nasty character and works both Tolley and Brownie to the ground.

One day, while pulling a cart, Brownie is injured and the farmer decides to put him down, much to Tolley's horror.

Despite going into a ridiculous amount of debt to save the horse by calling in a vet the farmer still wants to kill the horse. However the Secret Seven come along, convince Peter's father to buy the horse, and also employ Tolley. After talking to the vet they manage to get the fees waived with the catch that the Vet has an equitable ownership in the horse, but considering the amount the vet charged, and the price that Peter's father paid for the horse, the vet pretty much has full ownership. In the end, this is one of those happy, happy, feel good type of books, and while there is one chapter containing horse thieves, all that happens is that the Secret Seven manage to save a horse and clear poor Tolley's debt.

So many nice things happen that by the end Blyton suggests that the events of this week have worked to make Peter a really nice person and when he grows up he goes off and does nice things for other people. It's probably a good book for children, but I preferred the ones where they played detective and busted some rather nefarious characters.

Mar 01, Hil rated it it was ok Shelves: challenge , enid-blyton. The most boring Secret Seven book ever. No wonder it was her last. I shall call it "The one which drones on and on about an old man and a horse and nothing really happens at all". Aug 13, Shonel Teke rated it liked it Shelves: childrens-books. The title should have been an indicator that the Secret Seven would not be up to any mystery in this one.

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Well, what is the book about then? Just because there is no mystery, it doesn't mean the Seven were not problem-solving in this one! One of their classmates, the young Bob Smith has come to them with a unique problem indeed. Farmer Dinneford's hired hand, Old Man Tolly was in dire straits. He had become very fond of a farm horse named Brownie, but Dinneford was a task-master with no pity for The title should have been an indicator that the Secret Seven would not be up to any mystery in this one.

He had become very fond of a farm horse named Brownie, but Dinneford was a task-master with no pity for old and sick animals. Brownie had met with an accident and was of no real use. Dinneford threatened to have him shot and Tolly was worried sick. In addition to all of this, the vet had charged an enormous sum of money for taking care of Brownie and Dinneford expected poor Tolly to bear the amount.

Was this a task for the Secret Seven? How could they help, even if they wanted to? The storyline is quick-paced, even for kids.

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At around pages, it is easily readable and understandable, despite Blyton's characteristic English snobbery. I completed reading it aloud in two nights approximately, 3 hours altogether , and it was fun. The boys were totally enraptured. In addition to the Secret Seven's fun antics, it also has a valuable lesson about the importance of good intentions and karma too.

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  4. Good read! Jul 12, Vinay Leo added it. For a child, I think the series was fun. It made me want to explore the idea of forming secret clubs with badges and passwords and such. Sep 06, Sean Harding rated it it was ok Shelves: blyton-enid. And that is the end and the worst book is the last book in this book with a whole lot of writing about some old geezer and his horse and very little mystery in the air.

    The series creaks to a dead halt here and we leave the seven youngsters pottering around in their neighbourhood. A disappointing end to it all. Jun 30, Adhyan Daga rated it it was amazing. Enjoyed It! Jun 03, Kylie Abecca rated it it was ok. Of all the secret seven books I think this one is the least interesting.

    Mar 06, Elaine Mullane rated it really liked it. Revisiting the books of my youth out of a feeling of nostalgia! I loved Enid Blyton when I was younger and can't wait to re-read these with my own children. Jan 02, Paige rated it it was amazing. The last book in the series. I'm going to miss these characters They need to find Tolly and Brownie somewhere to hide out - somewhere that dangerous horse thieves will never find.

    Fun for the Secret Seven

    But where? When Peter discovers an old skull hidden in his bedroom, it's time for an urgent meeting of the Secret Seven Set in the same world and time as the original stories, this fantastic original new mystery satisfyingly extends the series for fans old and new, and is written by bestselling, prizewinning children's author Pamela Butchart. Imagine holding your secret club meetings in a shed just like The Secret Seven do, and there, waiting on the side for your club's elevenses snack, is Halloween, Christmas, birthdays, or any day that ends in a Y - make this No secret club is complete without a doorhanger to signal when a meeting is in progress!

    Click on the image below to download a pdf you can cut out and keep Secret clubs definitely work best with tasty fuel. Download our lemonade and oatmeal biscuits recipes by clicking on the image If you've ever wondered exactly how to form and run a secret club of your own, click on the extract below to read a short story that tells you everything you need to Solve the mystery!

    The Secret Seven covers and illustrations are by Tony Ross. The Secret Seven It's their first adventure and the Secret Seven super-sleuths are already on the trail of a mystery! The gang are dressed in disguise, following a lead to a spooky old house in the snow Secret Seven Adventure In book two a priceless pearl necklace goes missing. Now all they have to do is find the necklace…. Can the Seven come to the rescue?

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    Looks like the Seven are on the trail of another exciting adventure. They need to investigate, and solve the mystery, once and for all. Have they taken on too much this time? Secret Seven Win Through In book seven, the Secret Seven have a fantastic new hiding place, but somebody else has been using it too. For other uses, see Secret Seven disambiguation. Children's literature portal. This article may require cleanup to meet Wikipedia's quality standards.

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