F4F Wildcat in Action

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Your account is valid only within one region. Nations and Aircraft Compare Aircraft History. Back to nation Wallpaper. The best U. Used from the outset through the end of the war. Machine gun armament effective in close combat.

F4f Wildcat in Action Aircraft No. 191 by Richard Dann

Low survivability. Good airspeed and boost. Good maneuverability in horizontal turns.

Effective in mid-altitude combat and in destroying small amounts of ground targets. Engine R Engine XR VI F4U Airframe F4F Wing-mounted weapon. Machine gun Sustained fire without overheating.

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Effective against maneuvering targets. Outboard weapon. National Air and Space Museum. Share Icon. Physical Description Single engine, mid-wing, carrier-based fighter aircraft.

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Wing Span 1, cm in. By every American Navy fighter squadron flew the F4F. The Zero could outmaneuver the F4F, but the Wildcat's heavy armament and solid construction gave it an advantage when flown by skilled pilots.

Grumman F4F Wildcat | World of Warplanes

But during the dark months after Pearl Harbor, Wildcat pilots stood firm, held the line, and stopped the Imperial Japanese military air forces when they seemed invincible. By the mids, the fast, low-drag monoplane was rapidly replacing the biplane in every major air arm in the world. Schwendler created the first Grumman monoplane fighter, the XF4F Extended development trials delayed production and led the Navy to award a production contract for the first United States carrier-based naval monoplane to the Brewster Aeronautical Corporation.

Brewster built several hundred F2A Buffalos but Grumman engineers reworked the XF4F and came up with a greatly improved model that outperformed the Buffalo. The Navy accepted the Grumman design and awarded contracts to the company to produce thousands of F4F fighters. Wildcats went to the U. Navy and Marine Corps and to the French, who desperately needed military aircraft.

When France capitulated, the British Purchasing Commission assumed that country's production contracts. It became the first U. In the Pacific during December , American Wildcat pilots finally met the enemy as they tried to defend Wake Island. The remaining four fighters flew day and night, fighting heroically for two weeks, breaking up many air attacks and sinking a cruiser and a submarine with pound bombs before the last two Wildcats were destroyed on December That day, the Japanese landed on Wake.