Data Acquisition Techniques Using PCs, Second Edition

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Data Acquisition Techniques Using PCs - eBook -

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Arduino Based Data Acquisition

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  • Erkin Yucel. Programmable Logic Controllers: Industrial Control. Khaled Kamel. Electronic Government. Hans Jochen Scholl. Lewin Edwards. Tsuyoshi Takagi. For high digital resolution sigma-delta technology ADC is one of good solutions [ 22 , 23 ]. The input amplifier circuit is presented in Figure 7.

    It can be used wired electrodes classical approach or close to electrodes active electrode approach. The major points that the author briefly proposed for the entire recording process are the following. Increasing the isolation mode rejection ratio of the amplifier reduces the influence of isolation mode voltage. Operation of electrical or electronic devices and especially fluorescent lamps near the recording set-up is prohibited.

    Otherwise acquired EEG signals are distorted and the signal corrupted with noise. Using instrumentation amplifier can help getting rid of this problem. Muscular movements i. These cases may cause wrong comments on the signals and signal processing error.

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    • Proper grounding technique helps to reduce noise therefore increasing SNR. Choosing correct electrode and montage should be decided regarding clinical or research application purposes. In addition to availability of commercial standard or active types, electrodes can be made such as capacitive coupling or dry electrode. Number of electrodes and their placement is also important for the application. Before measurement, contact impedance should be measured, and EEG trace should be observed while recording. To acquire proper signal, electrodes should not be moved.