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If horror fiction is your thing, then my Reviews page might pique your interest. Assuming I get that far, obviously. Solution is LY i. Solution is DU i. Solution is NEAR i. Solution is A i. To be fair, setters have largely resisted using these in their grids. Answer: TSAR i. Solution is TSA i.

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A nifty bit of recursion there. Evidently this a go-to word for several setters. Solution is HAKE i. Solution is BA i. Solution is CHA i. A rather well-worked clue. Solution is OBS i. Solution is PACT i.

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Solution is HER i. Solution is O i.

Looks to camera. Solution is DEEP i. Solution is PAY i. Solution is PINE i. Anyway, the solution is PURL i. Solution is D i. Absolutely stunning. Anyway, I digress. This can be done because the abbreviation is uncommon or for better surface meaning. For example, you might see either yard or short yard for YD. You will not see something like short stack for S because S is not an abbreviation for stack it would have to be top of stack.

Something like briefcase for C is right out, but it also has another problem — a word will never be split like that. Be alert for variations based on the origin of a cryptic. Of course, constructors love misdirection — sometimes Left means a reversal and sometimes it means the letter L. Misleading usage : A fairly common trick in cryptic clues is a word that appears to be one part of speech but is actually another. Combination Clues : Sometimes, one clue type is not enough. A combination clue combines several operations, such as a container with a deletion.

Continued Clues : Sometimes a clue is continued into another clue, or one clue provides the answers to multiple entries in the puzzle. In the explanations, the first clue in the set of clues will generally contain the complete explanation. You may also see the term all-in-one for these types of clues.

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This is usually indicated by an exclamation point at the end of the clue. Example: Leaders of Iranian mosques and Muslim sects! Cross-references : A Cross-reference clue is straightforward. One clue refers to another, such as Where 7-Across works.

In the clue 7 and 13 , does the clue refer to two other clues 7 and 13, to the answers to those clues, or is the answer simply 20? Cryptic Definitions : Seen in British, but very rarely in American, cryptics, a cryptic definition consists of only a definition, but one that is cryptically though fairly misleading. It is a frequently harder cousin of the? A cryptic definition clue usually does not have a division, but it can if a cryptic definition is paired with another clue type.

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Instructions : An Instruction clue requires you to follow instructions on what to do with words or letters to reveal the answer. For example, you might be told to swap letters, rotate the letters in a word from one end to the other, or perform some other operation on the words or letters. In the explanation, this will be marked by bars around the moved letters. Palindromes : A palindrome is a word or phrase that reads the same forwards and backwards. The cryptic part of the clue will generally just clue you in that it is a palindrome.

Cryptic crosswords for beginners: Roman numerals

Reverse Definitions : In a reverse definition clue, the clue is actually an answer clued by an entry in the grid. Reverse definition clues almost always have a second clue type and frequently, but not always, are followed by a?. A variant is the Double Reverse Definition, in which the clue contains a straight definition and the answer, and the entry in the grid is a second clue, usually not definitional.

Example: Team? In the explanation, this will be marked by a slash between the letters to be switched. In the explanation, this will be marked with quotes, as in a homophone. Theme Clues : Part of the theme of the puzzle. A theme clue can be a description of the theme, an instruction needed to finish the puzzle, or even something that will only make sense after you have figured out the theme of the puzzle. A clue can be both a theme clue and another clue type. A clue which is just a theme clue does not have a division. An across clue might say "going west" or "left", while a down clue could say "going up" or "rising".

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